Celebrate Recovery for Danny

Danny Duchene was an addict serving 2 life sentences for his role in a robbery that killed two people. He was depressed, crushed by the weight of his guilt, and without hope.

But then Danny gave his life to Christ …
“The message of God’s mercy eventually got through to me. I learned that Jesus could give me a fresh start – changing me from the inside out!”

With the help of some ministers from Saddleback Church, Danny and a few other inmates started a church behind bars and began leading Celebrate Recovery small groups …
“I cannot overstate the power of godly small groups in changing people’s lives. For many guys, being part of a small group was the first time they’d ever received support to do the right thing.”
As hundreds of inmates experienced complete forgiveness and restoration in Christ, the entire prison was infused with a sense of peace and hope – and the same can happen in your church!

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