Help Beat the Summer Heat!

Our Sanctuary air conditioners have served us well since the mid-nineties, but all good things must come to an end. After investigating our alternatives the board of trustees has decided that a complete replacement is the best long term solution. The new cooling units will cost 38% less to operate, and the new furnaces will cost about 5% less to operate. We have been spending money on repairs to the existing units for the past several years. Current repairs would cost almost $5000, and the two brand new units will be installed for less than $20,000.

How can you help? Can you afford just a little over your regular weekly contributions? If so designate it for “HVAC” and help us beat the summer heat. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our cool.

Marcus Staehling, Chairman      Board of Trustees

Jim Hester, Chairman                 Building and Grounds

Website Pages

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A website needs lots of contributors. Information needs to be updated frequently in order to maintain interest in the site.

Would you like to make regular posts to your own blog page?

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Church Photographer

Pictures Needed!!

Do you have any recent photos of

Church activities? Youth Activities? Church Picnic? Praise Band? Members’ Community Activities? Shepherd’s Table? Others?

If so, click here to email them to us and we will put them in the FUMC Slideshow  and Photo Gallery.

Would you be interested in becoming a church photographer? We need someone to take or coordinate pictures of various church activities. Call Marcus at 256 324-9773 if you are interested.