Christian Believer Sign Up

This fall Marcus Staehling plans to lead a group Bible Study titled “Christian Believer”. It is a 30 week study that examines how our basic Christian beliefs are formed from our reading of the Holy Scriptures. The class will meet … Continue reading

“Christian Believer” Coming this Fall

CHRISTIAN BELIEVER assumes that most people–though faithful followers of Jesus they intend to be–know little of the content of the central teachings of the Christian faith and its ties to Scripture. But they want to know. They want to know … Continue reading

Russellville First UMC Confirmands



Confirmation 2Russellville First UMC celebrated confirmation on Sunday, June 23, 2013.


Children’s Minister Scarlette Studdard explains that Russellville First UMC had a fantastic group of confirmands this year. There were twelve students who completed the confirmation process. They were a rambunctious and high-energy group but they were very serious about learning more about their faith.


Studdard adds, “I am very excited for our youth group, our church, and our community because of the deep questions our confirmands had — questions that demonstrated their belief in Christ and their desire to learn more. But what was even more exciting was how their questions were focused around how to share their belief with others around them.”


What made this confirmation class unique was that of the 12 confirmands, there were not 1, not 2, but 3 sets of twins. Half of the confirmation class were twins! While each confirmation group is special, we think this group just had distinctiveness!

Shepherd’s Table July 7th

Shepherds Table tomorrow 12:30. Ministry Center behind First Methodist Church, Russellville. Would love to have you join us for free meal, music, fellowship and both adult and children’s devotions. Free groceries available. Always need servers. If you would like to … Continue reading

Confirmation Group Picture

Confirmation 1 

Levi Crittenden, Lexi criittenden, Emma Dempsey, Gracie Dempsey, Katie Dempsey, Blaise Murray, Blake Murray, Lauren Rogers, Will Rogers, Will Rushing, Cady Studdard, Meg Sornberger

Church Directory Online

Our new website is up and running, and one new features is the church directory. At the top of the home page is a link marked Directory. Visitors to our website will currently see members names and pictures. Additional information such as addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthdays, and anniversaries are available when you log in.

Any information field can be “Public”, “Private”, or “Unlisted”. This means your name, picture, or any other field can made public if you want anyone to see it. It can be made private which means only members who are logged in can see it. It can be made unlisted and only system administrators can see it.

We need lots of pictures. A picture from a cell phone will be fine. Send your pics and requests for “user names” to When you get a user name and login you can advise of any necessary additions or changes to your information. Thanks for your help in completing the directory